Marketing is known to be directly related to revenue an organization can make. This implies that a better marketing strategy will see a company making a lot of profits. With evolution of technology, many organizations have adopted internet marketing primarily due to its wide coverage and affordability. Internet marketing is an advertising tool jusc35fa6a3-b55f-4b29-97c7-06041d52360at like radio broadcasting and print media. The only exception is the fact that in internet marketing everything is done online. Internet marketing anchors its success to the ability to draw traffic to your website or a blog. Different approaches are utilized by different experts. The most common ones are the use of social media platforms such as facebook and twitter and also writing SEO articles to back link to your website. Are you looking for skills to do internet marketing? Well, ungagged conference is a conference you cannot afford to miss.

Why you should attend ungagged conference 2014.

  • Venue. The choice of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is well timed because in November whee71d44bb-54bb-47ad-abb5-7169b1d2c24dn the conference is supposed to take place it will be summer. This provides the optimal environment for the conference. It is situated few minutes’ drive form McCarran international Airport thus easing the accessibility of the venue. In addition, participants can enjoy the beautiful sceneries that are major tourist attraction sites.
  • Affordability. The conference standard tickets can be purchased at $995 while those who book early during the labor sale’ will get them at a discounted value of $599. In addition, BlackHat world has reached an agreement with the hotel owners to subsidize accommodation fees. This is a move to achieve the affordability tenet. As if that is not enough, the organizers have special offers for individuals and the lucky few will not pay for accommodation. This is also applied to those who will attend the conference as a group.
  • Uncensored. This is the most unique thing about ungagged conference 2014. Speakers will be allowed to speak without any restrictions. The aim is to have the speakers deliver what they have never deliveredf4a25187-a4bf-4722-86be-eae476167d3e in any other conference. All the contents of their addresses will be 100% unique. No information will be recorded thus those who will miss the event will never have a chance to follow the proceedings.
  • A pool of experts. All the speakers who are set to address the conference are considered fearless and provocative. They have excelled in internet marketing though through different techniques. This will provide the participants with a rare chance to interact with experts who are in their line of specialization. They will mentor them and allow them to tap raw insights which may be beneficial to their success.
  • Exhibition. This will run simultaneously with the main conference. It is a unique feature and the first of its kind. It gives the internet marketers a special audience to showcase their techniques.

Ungagged conference is poised to be one of the most informative conferences in 2014. It will be the first SEO conference to go ungagged in the world. If you wish to acquire more internet marketing skills or even modify the existing ones they you might consider attending this conference.


Learn about the SEO basics


bb0cde60-ff9a-4e90-8573-47b8188a7c4dBefore you attend the best SEO conference you need to understand the basics of SEO. If you are planning to create a website or a blog, you may have come across discussion about search engine optimization, also known as SEO. All the discussion that you have come across states how important it is for your website to be optimized properly. However, what does that mean exactly, and how do you begin? Read on to learn more about SEO basics, this article will give you a basic introduction to what SEO is.

Search engine optimization is a process in getting your website ranked highly in search results. Search engine spiders crawl through the content of every web page that is published on the Internet and index the words used. They use a complicated algorithm to determine the relevancy of each web page to the words that are used in the c

ontent. When you optimize your website, you are using techniques in your coding to influence these search engines to assign a good rank to your web page for a particular set of keywords. If your website is optimized properly, when a user searches on these keywords, your website will have a good placement in the search results.

Keywords are words that are relevant to your website content. They are words that users typically use to search on a topic. It is up to you to decide what keywords to include in your website. In choosing keywords for your content, you should think about what words a person will use to look for information relating to your business. Your keywords should be used strategically in your content, and your content should be well-written.

bb2f7000-6e40-4a7c-b49d-757a6b4fef79Search engine spiders crawl through the HTML code of every web page. They recognize the tags that are typically used in the coding, and the weight that they put on these tags varies widely. For instance, more weight is put on words used in the title tag because the title represents the main idea of the web page. In the content body, header tags, such as <h1> and <h2> are given more emphasis than a regular paragraph tag because the paragraph header should represent the main idea of the paragraph. So, in developing your web page’s content, keep in mind how search engines look at these tags, and use your keywords strategically in these areas. 

 bc2348fb-2c31-49e5-b016-e386ff1821eeWhen you use keywords effectively in your website, the chances of your website ranking highly in search results improve. When your website comes up near the top on a list of search results, web users are more likely to click on your link. This will drive more traffic to your website. Web users usually will not spend the time looking at links that are not within the first few pages of results, because these links are considered less relevant to what the user was searching for.

The best way to implement good SEO is by writing high-quality content with effective use of keywords. The worst way is to use unethical methods in trying to trick a search engine, like keyword stuffing. Search engines have become very sophisticated and intelligent, and if they detect unethical SEO methods in a website, they may delist the website entirely.

As you can see, learning about SEO basics is not difficult. It takes time to learn the right methods. Keep these guidelines in mind, and study SEO in depth. As you apply what you learn, you will see a gradual improvement in your page rank.


Building Influence Through Content Curation

Curated content is going to become one of the biggest ways of generating blog content in 2012. Most people has already got on the ship, you should too. By making use of content curation on your website or blog you are ensuring your success, and also make life easier on yourself. We all know there are lots of auto blogging plugins and software programs out on the internet already, but content curation is something completely different. Blogs are a lot of work! There is no such thing as an auto blog, or a blog that you do not have to work hard to produce, unless you are using hired staff to write the blog.
Why Curated Curation?

One of the oldest and most well-liked magazines in the US market is Readers Digest. Have you ever thought about why it’s so popular and how it holds it’s own. In reality, it is very easy – first and foremost it has content that fits into the short attention span most of the American public. The size is ideally suited for a brief case or bag. You pretty much know that the content is going to be funny, enlightening, empowering, and enough to entertain you. Did you think this was curated content, because it is and people don’t even realize it.

Curated content gives your viewers not only your professional view of the selected niche, but other views and information as well.

Gathering Curated Content For Your Blog.

You should start by finding a blog or two with content you like and trust. Of course, it sh8476fa24-3ce2-4dc8-b41a-f9f3ad0af4f6ould be infomration related to your niche and content that you would want on your website or blog.

Then try visiting the site daily or weekly for a time period to ensure the quality of the content is constant. You might try leaving a comment of 2 on the blog or site, or try building a partnership with the webmaster.

Once you connect with the website owner you can then move on with requesting a guest post written for your website. Follow the website and or person on all the social media services. Start to use small parts of the persons content in your own, but always remember to give credit, you would want someone to do the same for you. Always include a link back to the quoted source or website. The link back is what makes curated content material so powerful. It creates two way plus additional traffic for your blog or website. It makes you appear more professional and worldly. It proves to your readers that you actually work hard to bring them quality and varied content and information.

An very important key to using curated content is to use snippets of information. Your readers are not looking for long paragraphs of content clipped and pasted from another website. Nor are they looking for a long list of quotes referenced by he said, she said or they said. To paraphrase a famous line from a 1950’s TV show, just give them the facts.

Add your professional opinion or the added facts you have researched and written yourself to the curated content, in an easy to read and understand way. Of course, you will use quotes when using their exact words or thoughts.

Content Curation is a effective way to improve content on your website, increase you readers and provide them with more quality infomation to read. Make sure you use it right and you might be a popular as readers digest one day.


There are more than enough ways you cans start and use your blog to make money online.


In this century, online marketing and product promotion has become the most effective way to promote, sell and market tour own product and services and that of others.


Many people spend most of their time on the internet just browsing and necessarily finding something to purchase, thus it is possible to tap into this new marketing platform.


This will enable you to reach as many people as possible around the globe.


Here are the blogging tips you can use to generate income and make it your career.


Sell advertisements

One realistic way you can use to make money is by selling adverts, if your blogs attract a number of internet users you can be able to place advertisements from other company.


You can target products and services that relate to your niche and content, or you can interchange depending on the topics you post on your blog.


A service such as Google AdSense is such a platform that will be helpful when searching for relevant ads and individual marketers.



Though other people term this as merely begging, donation is a kind way of asking for payment to the services and information that you provide.


This helps especially if you spend a lot of time doing research and providing your audience with relevant information that is useful to them.


The donation can be enough to sustain your blogging and eventually your lifestyle.


Cross promote other content and product

Generate income by linking your blog and website with affiliate marketing firms such as EBay or the Amazon.


You cans start by reviewing different of specific product available on the affiliate website.


You will use back linking strategy where the company for any purchase, clicking of the link, will pay you for any checkbook or credit card used billed.


Market yourself and brand

The easiest way to utilize this blogging tips to market yourself, that is especially if you have very important content to share.


You can use your blog to market you upcoming book if you are an author, if you are a musician you can be able to display your content so that the visitors can sample some of your work.


You can as well sell in-depth information in and EBook format to people who want to learn more from your contents.


Offer online Training

Depending on your professional, you can make money by just using your knowledge and influencing it to others.


You can create an online school where users can enroll, pay a particular amount of fees where you can provide them with courses that relate to your profession.


This is possible because you will be able to display, notes, research, video clips directed to a particular subject.


Use our blog as information box

You can transform your blog into an information box where you provide information about particular product and giving full access to user to send feedbacks.


This tool can be in form of forums, product reviews by the clientele, consultation and advising agency.


You can take the opportunity to contact the manufacture, suppliers and retailers who will rely on your blog to give them useful information about their product and pay for the same.

The above blogging tips should help you jump start your online blogging business.



50d9b8e0-18e6-443d-878c-3bba56d9c2cfInternet usage is with no doubt increasing everyday even as technology evolves. Surprisingly, unemployment is also on the rise. Have you been looking for a job without success? Well, don’t worry again! IM Conference 2014 may provide you with skills that will help you make a living. Internet marketing is the usage of technology to market products. This has gained popularity primarily because of its extensive coverage but also because it was cheaper and affordable as opposed to conventional advertising platforms such as radio broadcasting and the use of print media. Though internet marketing is on the rise, you have to learn the art of creating traffic to your website or even a blog to succeed. There are different techniques which are adopted by different people for attracting traffic to a website. The most common are writing SEO articles to back link the website and usage of social media platforms such as facebook and twitter 44edc5cd-47f6-44c4-94b5-4d769ae4a1c6Uniqueness of IM Conference 2014 It will be the first conference in SEO history to go uncensored. This will allow all the speakers invited to fearlessly express themselves in a way they have never done in any other forum. You may have met some of the speakers but the content they will deliver in IM Conference 2014 will be 100% unique. This will allow participant to ask any question that they think will modify their skills without worrying if the question sounds provocative. The conference will not be recorded thus those who will not attend will never know what was deliberated.   BlackHat World, the sponsors of IM Conference 2014, has collaborated with hotel managers to subsidize accommodation fees. This is an effort to make the conference very affordable. In addition, they are having limited special offers for individuals and the lucky few will have their accommodation fees scrapped. Those who will attend the conference as a group will also have their accommodation catered for by the sponsors. As if that was not enough, the sponsors are selling discounted tickets under ��labor day sale’ at $599 down from the standard $995. 20ab2a34-d41d-4f19-8e1b-4366c797ea2f IM Conference 2014 will be attended by a pool of experienced experts. Each of them has excelled in a different line of internet marketing. Some are running websites with a heavy traffic in the world while others have excelled in the use of social media where they have a large number of followers. It is important to note that since it involves usage of the internet there is all reasons to ensure you are save from hackers. Rami Essaid will assist you on how to maintain a very high level of security while you are marketing online.   Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is an optimal choice for IM Conference 2014 which will take place on 15th to 17th November 2014. It will be at the height of summer which gives a very healthy environment for such a conference. Its proximity to McCarran International Airport is also admirable as it makes transport easy.   IM Conference 2014 is with no doubt the world’s unique event that will seek to teach practical skills to those in attendance to try and make a living. Don’t miss out!    

Unconvention for the unafraid to achieve the unachievable

Business conferenceThe Blackhat world conference is happening for the first time on the 15 to 17 November in Las Vegas, hosted by Erika Napoletano, head of the red head writing media. At the black hat world conference experienced internet marketers will talk about the most controversial topics no other conference allows. You will get essential training for the new age hacking attacks, explanation why the usual anti hacking tools don’t work anymore. How to hook the attacker to do more to get inside your system, and how to use his attacks to catch him. Why you should not miss the blackhat world conference? At the blackhat conference you will learn, pitfalls you must avoid, mistakes that have been made, by the biggest internet marketers. After this conference you will have knowledge that would have taken you years to learn. You won’t be a victim of cyber attacks anymore. You will be motivated from the people who started from nothing and now are at the top of the world with their knowledge. You get premium access to the cryptographic attacks cryptographers don’t want you to know, learn, the less known vulnerabilities of wifi networks, how to avoid the memory scrapping threat, how to protect your business from screen scrapping malicious softwares through VDI platforms, how android’s sandbox is bypassed and many more important lessons. 4e12bf33-199f-40b1-b92d-5d0e42d72d33Don’t miss the speeches of the biggest Internet marketing experts, Scott Straten expert in viral, social and authentic marketing, owner of the unmarketing. The co-founders of centurica.com Bryan O’Neil and Justin Gilchirst the company dedicated to giving due diligence and consulting services to online business investors. Joe Sinkwitz aka Cygnus, explaining how black hat methods make the best white hatters, Gavin Preston, who works with big companies like Ford, KP Snacks, providing companies with proper business strategies, motivation, will show you the proper mindset for success. Len Foley will explain why it is very important to use black hat methods to build your business, and how to implement white hat methods once your company is too famous to use black hat methods. Matthew Woodward will show you why high quality content is more important than link building, that lead him to numerous Internet Marketing awards and many others. The Pwnie Awards for the biggest security successes and failures will be given at this year’s black hat conference, wifi networking lounge with cocktails will be available at your disposal, at the community cafe you can meet and socialize with all of the employees of the information security industry, as you see the blackhat world conference is more than just an abstract matter conference, there will be lots of fun activities to do besides learning. The black hat conference is going to be performed at Ceasar’s Palace, which is another reason not to miss the black hat conference. After the briefings and trainings you can continue having fun at all the possibilities Las Vegas has to offer. The tickets are getting sold out as you are reading so don’t wait until the price has got any higher.

Benefits of Attending the BHW conference

04dd38ac-c8fc-4b76-8459-67ff5459b81dBHW conference is a forum for internet Marketers and webmasters. The conference is therefore a very important meeting where distinguished delegates are invited to give talks on matters related to the broad subject of internet marketing. The delegates in the BHW conference have all the necessary knowledge and skills on how to navigate through internet marketing. BHW conference is the first of its kind; it will focus on how to enhance profits through online business and internet marketing. The 2014 BHW conference will be held in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace from 15-17th November. Anybody wishing to develop a new or existing productive business will find BHW conference very helpful in such pursuit. The manner in which the business is run today is so different from the traditional methods; the Internet has become part and parcel of our lives. The expenses of advertising have greatly been subsidized through internet marketing. How does one go about executing internet marketing? The answer to this question is through the attendance of BHW conference. Taking business marketing is done through online marketing. When a business goes “viral” on the internet, the entrepreneur will smile all the way to the bank to fetch the huge profits realized. 5c2494cf-c4e8-4e93-b944-420646f8cd51The speakers in the BHW conference are the gurus of internet marketing arena with years of experience in online business. A person who engages in online marketing might not find it necessary to attend the BHW conference; however, internet marketing is changing as technology changes, and for this reason, attending the BHW conference will make sure that one is up to date as far as internet marketing is concerned. SEO is a powerful force that drives an online business as well as using it in internet marketing. As the time changes so does the SEO techniques, the more reason why any internet marketer should attend the BHW conference. An excellent internet marketer will tell you that a SEO conference is an awesome tool of advertisement. The manner in which a SEO conference can transform a business is unbelievable. BHW conference will have the facilitators of the forum discuss in depth any important issue on SEO. The results that SEO conferences have produced around the globe are so reputable to ignore. The conference has considered this as a very important subject and 7d57df04-d941-4f41-81cf-34db701a9acdassurance has been issued that it is a topic that will be discussed with due diligence to help anybody present in the conference. The challenges that are associated with search engines will be dealt with in the BHW conference by these top notch speakers. A lot of people have confirmed attending the BHW conference, this ensures that business relations will be enhances in the conference. Most people make an assumption that conferences are one of the boring places to be, but BHW conference will be a different scenario. The chosen speakers are candid in all aspects and speak with a lot of gusto. It is imperative to note the fact that BHW conference has teamed up with Early bird to diversify and make the meeting more appealing. Ideas that can be gathered in this conference will be no doubt helpful to any online business and internet marketers, whether new or existing.